Sunday, October 12, 2008

My nudity

I made some references to the Lakeside nudity in my Dirty movies post. Sometimes I allow myself moments of self-congratulations for that. Certainly I've gotten it from others, including at least once by Amber Low, who was the director of photography, and someday others will see the fantastic job she did. Oddly at those moments its obvious to me how little I deserve.

The fact is, the female nudity is sexual and idealized and beautiful, everything a normal heterosexual boy wants in female nudity. The male nudity is weird and disturbing and creepy. There's undoubtedly an audience for appreciating it on some level, but this isn't really it.

Interestingly, I had considered male nudity in the sexual, idealized and beautiful context of the scene with the female nudity. I really did.

At the time of the audition, I'm reasonably certain that the male lead, Wayne Bastrup, said he was open to doing the scene naked, although my memory has been faulty a time or two before, so I wouldn't make an issue of it.

During the time between casting and the shooting of that scene, quite a long time, in fact, I had debated whether him naked or him in his underwear would be a better choice artistically. I asked people involved in the movie. I asked friends, family... Hell, I may have asked some random people on the street. I never could decide.

So when Wayne came in that day and basically just said he was doing it in boxers, I shrugged and thought, well, that decides it.

In some future, hopefully not too far in the future, project, I promise my decision will be simpler for me and not the same as I made for this.

I also feel genuinely confident, and not halfway psyching myself up, that things in my life are moving forward in such a way that I will be able to get the footage into order, cut up some footage to give Wayne for his reel - he's asked a couple of times, both well apart from one another and very politely, I couldn't be more sorry that I haven't worked that out. - as well as some for Ken Kreps, Lydia Bishop and certainly the beautiful and talented Rory Isbell, who played the lead. Not to mention, put together a trailer and finish a rough cut of the movie.

I can't tell you how strongly I can taste the final stretch approaching...

But that doesn't mean I'm counting chickens before they hatch. I'm certainly trying not to.

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