Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sarno night

My most recent Weird Wednesday was the Joe Sarno double-feature this week. I'd like to not necessarily mention each time the fact of the movies being viewed being a Weird Wednesday event, but this one certainly seems worth noting. I'm quickly becoming addicted to them, although I'm going to have to miss the next two... The Shape of Things to Come and Redneck, so I can wake up the mornings that follow each. That is no small sacrifice for me. It will be much more difficult than it would have been if it had been the following week when Dressed to Kill plays would have been, and only a little more than The Devil's Wedding Night would have been, but such is life.

The evening began Abigail Leslie Is Back in Town.

Now, before I go about praising it in a manner that might suggest otherwise, let me note that this is a dirty movie that also has storytelling and cinematic merits above that of other dirty movie, it is not an art movie that happens to be about the subject of sex. Ok, it certainly could reasonably be argued it's both, but it certainly errs on the side of the former.

As was noted any number of times in the evening, it's a remarkable as a dirty movie for having women who are not only fully rounded, but rounded in ways that make them distinctly womanly, as opposed to a man's fantasy version of a woman. This isn't unimportant as it the story of the women in the story with men who exist only to serve the story functions needed to move the women's actions forward.

So, All the Sins of Sodom? Frankly, I think I theoretically preferred this one. The plot was less Peyton Place, which sounds like I'm going back and dissing Abigail Leslie... after the fact of praising it, but I'm referring to the type of story not the quality, and the story of All the Sins of Sodom is one that resonates more with me personally as a viewer... I think.

You see, if you've had a busy week and not gotten enough sleep all week, including the night before a big double feature, the last thing you should drink is a Guinness Milkshake, no matter how tasty it sounds. It has everything that won't serve your best interests, so I saw it through kind of a haze of heavy eyelids and groggy thoughts.

Here I'll refer you over to Joe Sarno - Man of Greatness by Lars Nilsen, which includes a nice video of the pre-show interview with Sarno.

I'm told that the movie will arrive on DVD from Retro-Seduction Cinema in January, at which time I'll definitely have to revisit it. I can definitely say that I was intrigued the story, about a photographer trying to get photos of the model he's falling in love with to represent the great biblical vixens, but can only get the look he wants when they're having sex.

Yes, I did understand more details then that, but I'll leave it there, perhaps to explore in greater detail at another time...

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