Thursday, October 09, 2008

Texas v. Washington

I own this shirt. It can be purchased at Rotten Cotton, which I did a couple of years ago.

It is the symbol of the Cult of Set, led by Thulsa Doom in John Milius's Conan the Barbarian.

Perhaps, a Robert E. Howard fan, something I should view with greater ambivilance that I do, but certainly the symbol is cool, and would have been a fine symbol to use in a more accurate adaptation, as well. And frankly, I love the Milius movie, despite being a weak adaptation.

In Seattle, though, it never fails, people confuse that symbol with this one:

Well, no.

Frankly, I'm the wrong age for Thundercats, although I remember it being one of the better crappy '80s cartoons, and I'd watch it today if I flipped past it, but I wouldn't buy the dang t-shirt.

Here in Texas, however, everyone gets it right. Regardless of age or geekiness level, whatever... Ok, so far no women have given it a shot, which says something still, I suppose.

The only person to guess wrong guessed Conan the Destroyer.

I'd like to wish it was because Howard is a native son, who lived his teen and adult years in Cross Plains - where they hold an annual Barbarian Festival in the summer that I'd like to find my way to next year, assuming I'm still around, but they don't seem to have a Greyhound stop... I've been on buses that took some crazier stops than that over the years, so I'll do more research when the time comes closer.

Sadly for my hometown folks, I'm skeptical its literally that, especially since, as I overstated, the symbol is from the Milius movie, and I'm not convinced either that people, even here, actually know nearly enough about Howard. I think it's something deeper... and something Seattle has some serious catching up to do on, dammit!


Cranky Amy said...

I'm pretty sure, with the people your roommates know, you can find someone who will go and probably give you a ride. . .

Neil Sarver said...

Good point! It's good to not be the only dork in Texas!

Of course, if I'd thought I might, I'd have probably skipped it, now that I think about it.

Post script, strictly for Jo's eyes: And I'm sorry for the use of the word "dork", I know that distinction between "geek" and "dork" still carries something for you, and I agree in principle, but frankly that sentence sounded lifeless to my ear when it had the word "geek".

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm reading this wrong... I'm assuming you used to get "Yeah, man, cool thundercats shirt" or maybe even "thundercats!!!" shouted at you on the street. I don't know.

Seems to me that if it's something like that, it's that people are mistaking it (being totally of the age for Thundercats) for the symbol Mumm-Ra had on his chest:

But, I don't know, maybe I'm reading this wrong.


Anonymous said...

Oh... well, I suppose that didn't link, did it.

Just google image Mumm Ra... you'll see it.

Neil Sarver said...

Wow, good call. Shows what I get for not watching "Thundercats" these past 20 years... and probably not paying too close of attention when I did... although I do remember always thinking Mumm Ra was the coolest part when I did.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mumm-Ra was the coolest part... also, Panthro.

To be honest, before I googled it, I thought it was the exact same symbol... obviously used in Conan first. But, they're just very similar.

Neil Sarver said...

Indeed they are. Good call.

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