Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bond grosses

Look, it's groovy that Quantum of Solace has everyone so excited, especially since I'm sure it speaks volumes about the public's response to Casino Royale, which I also thought was a magnificent movie.

But I never cease to hate these "new records" that movies set every year. Now, this is the biggest opening weekend in the history of Bond! At least for unadjusted dollars, which except it makes things look much more exciting than they really are, which promoters love, it's really bullshit.

Here's the Comparing and ranking James Bond movies in inflation adjusted dollars and here's Bond Attendance Through the Years. Both of these include Casino Royale but not Quantum of Solace, but give me a pretty good idea where Quantum of Solace will sit by the end of the year.

Now, lets all stop spreading what amounts to corporate lies, even if they're told through technical truth.

75,000,000 more people attended Thunderball than attended Casino Royale. 40,000,000 more attended Goldfinger. I don't believe Quantum of Solace will come close to either of those numbers.

And if it doesn't, it simply won't be the most successful Bond movie ever.

Not really.


Keith said...

I do always hate how they try to act like these are the biggest movies of all time. They look like they are making more money, but that's because ticket prices are so much higher.

Neil Sarver said...

Yes, and I do get why it's good marketing, I really do, but it's such a lie. I know, technically the truth.

I think it's already pretty darn cool that Casino Royale is No. 5 in total attendance, behind three Connery movies and Live and Let Die. That's pretty darn impressive. It leaps right off the page at me and tells me something honest about the word-of-mouth it received and the excitement it built up.

The other thing I read and can instantly tell its hype.

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