Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dear Mattel

In her post, Barbie has gone to The Birds, Kimberly Lindbergs states that she would like you to hire her to help you design other film-themed Barbies, "I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world who wants a Meiko Kaji as Sasori doll."

As my own post Action figures will attest, I would definitely be interested in that item specifically.

Ursula Andress from She, Pam Grier from Coffy, Monica Vitti from Modesty Blaise and Edwige Fenech as "Giallo Starlet" Barbie are amazing. As is the idea to continue the Hitchcock theme with Kim Novak, Grace Kelly and Janet Leigh.

Now, I have never purchased a Barbie product for myself. I haven't purchased one in a dozen years at least since my little sister grew out of them.

As is pointed out, the Black Canary Barbie shows that you understand that the real money these days isn't in products for kids, but in getting grown-up geeks to shell out for collectibles to display about their homes and offices.

Or do you know kids who are dying for a Jack Kirby-style Superman? No? Huh. I bet I'm not the only thirty-something who will be shelling out his cash to put one of those up, though. I've got a feeling someone did their research on that one.

So, right now, I'm nothing. I don't have any girl children to buy for and don't expect any soon. So, you're a ways from getting any cash from my pocket.

However, I would eventually buy at least five of Kimberly's ideas. I'd eat Ramen for the week, if it came to it, in order to have three of them. And there's two, I'm sure I'd give as gifts. That's somewhere between five and eight purchases against none at all.

And that's just one lone geek.


Kimberly said...

You ROCK Neil!

I only just saw this because I've been so busy with holiday garbage and nursing my sick cat, but thanks so much for writing up this unbeatable recommendation! Mattel has just GOT TO hire me now.

Neil Sarver said...

I attempt to rock whenever I get the chance.

But seriously, that Sasori kicks serious ass. As any Sasori ought to.

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