Monday, November 03, 2008


In my recent post Shock, regarding Shock Festival by Stephen Romano, I used the poster for the fictitious movie "Champions" over a number of others, not because it was the best of them, but just because of its obvious resemblance to this poster -

Not, mind you, because I'm particularly fond of the movie Galaxina, because I'm not. It's been some time since I've seen it, but I recall it being a lame hashing together of bad puns and other weak humor in a slapdash mess... but nothing that resembles the movie in that poster.

That poster is magnificent. Every time I see it, I find myself renewed with the desire to see that movie, until I remind myself that the movie is Galaxina. Does anyone know who painted it.

For what it's worth, this poster -

- gives a slightly closer impression of the movie.

And this trailer -

- is only slightly better than that.

It's clear that the distributor wasn't happy to be advertise the movie they had to advertise, and I understand that. Like I said, it's not good. But I'm not sure I get why they seemed to want to hide what kind of movie they had. In principle, a wacky sci-fi parody would have seemed a potential hit in 1980. At least as much so as the movie they seem determined to advertise instead.

Mind you, if someone handed in that painting, I'd have trouble not basing my campaign around it either, regardless of how appropriate it may or may not be. It's just so evocative and compelling... I still want to see that movie!

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