Friday, November 14, 2008

Hot Tiki girls

Some more of my Drawings! by Becca.

As I said in the comments, "I mean, the Bride is always hot, but really! Tiki girl."

Also, Tiki Batman and Other Tales by Michael May, which could lead one to Night of the Tiki by Anthony Carpenter, which features... You got it! Another hot Tiki girl.

UPDATE: 1) I should have long ago created an "art" tag, however there are undoubtedly too many qualifying posts and I'm too lazy to create one now.
2) I hope the lovely "Tiki women" of the world will excuse my use of the diminutive phrasing merely because it sounds better to my ear.
3) I'm enjoying the Anthony Carpenter stuff now that I've scanned through more. Of course, I've been enjoying Becca's drawings for a while now.


Bubs said...

I agree with you about Becca's drawings. I was lucky enough to get one of her originals for our tiki bar.

Neil Sarver said...

Lucky indeed.

And a Tiki Bar to go with it. Excellent.

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