Friday, November 07, 2008


I saw Repo! The Genetic Opera, and I'm left without a lot to say.

No, I'm not rendered dumb by the movie's audacity, its successes or its failures.

I wish I was. Even being rendered dumb by its failures would have been somehow more satisfying than whatever I am, which, I guess, is merely disappointed.

As an opera, it lacks a "hit". There's no song you'll hum on the way home or wish you knew so you could sing along while its onscreen, nothing to make a person go out and buy the album. I'm sure someone will disagree, but I'm not sure why.

It's all very well performed, from the acting and singing, to the musical performance of the score. The script contains some intriguing ideas and very funny touches. The direction is dying to take this into the stratosphere with its audacity.

But somehow it never adds up to anything altogether as its own entity. It all just feels... well done.

But here, enjoy the trailer... It's definitely worth the time.


Bankrobber said...

a friend of mine who saw it made a lot of the same points you did. liked it but he wanted to love it but couldn't. he said it might be better with repeated viewings. i figure i'll rent it once and watch it twice.

Neil Sarver said...

Yeah, I think I'm leaning toward not liking it, but I'm certainly not into hating it... and, yeah, I'd give it another chance some time to see if some of it grows on me. I certainly like everything it was trying to be.

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