Monday, November 17, 2008

Serials are back

I was reading Distributing content without the Suits by Brian Trenchard-Smith and it has me briefly re-intrigued by the notion of independent serials.

(Bill Cunningham at Pulp 2.0 does this on a semi-regular basis as well.)

I have an idea that I'm bouncing around on a number of levels right now, and I've got to say there's a number of reasons that it is an appealing notion to do as an independent serial, many of those are mentioned by Trenchard-Smith in the above linked article.

But one isn't necessarily the same as other potential creators would find appealing. I like the idea of seeing where others might take my ideas.

In Maybe you can't vote for Swamp Thing, but get out there and vote anyway by Mike Sterling, which I linked before, he wrote, "I'm going to guess that Swamp Thing kickin' it on the couch watching TV with Abby and their kid and their hippie friend is probably not what Wein and Wrightson imagined when they first created this character. But it's great anyway."

Now, Len Wein has a number of significant creator credits, among them are co-creating Swamp Thing (with Bernie Wrightson) and Wolverine (with John Romita Sr.). There are few characters that have, since their creation, had as many things done to them by one creator or another. I can't speak for Len Wein, obviously, but I find there to be something exciting about that idea.

Obviously some of these changes, directions and uses would be delightful and others are probably - Let's just say - less than delightful. We can assume that the classic Alan Moore that Wein himself editing must likely qualify for the delightful column.

And that's among the things that sounds exciting to me. Not that I expect even if I could get such a thing going that I'd have much likelihood I'd find the next Alan Moore to stand under my wing to work on my stuff... but I like the idea that the next someone might do something that I wouldn't expect. That's all.

For those interested on any level, I'm thinking I may try writing a script that would work as three half-hour(ish) segments or a single ninety minute(ish) feature. But we'll see... Still pondering overall.

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