Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Strong" female characters

Stuff Geeks Love: Strong Female Characters Who Actually Aren’t

I'm posting this largely without comment, as there are points I agree with, points I don't agree with and others I can't speak directly to. But I think there's truth to what it's getting at.

Carrie Fisher is definitely wearing a bra in Star Wars, though.

UPDATE: I sent this to my friend Jo for her thoughts. She agreed with the basic premise, but took issue with the "wo-man" argument, which was "The wo-man is a male character who happens to also have breasts. She is written exactly as the male characters are, shares all the same interests of the male characters, and has all the same problems of the male characters."

And that clarified for me that was what stuck in my craw also. I agree that the "wo-man" character exists in geek media . Probably Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica is a fair call... Well, almost... The show has such a wide variety of strong women of various types that I think that disqualifies the criticism, especially since I'm not sure I'm convinced that the "wo-man" doesn't exist in the real world at all. It's only bad writing, in my opinion, when that's your only idea for writing a "strong" female character.

And Scully? She's a scientist and an FBI agent and has the interests and problems one would associate with those career paths. but her concerns outside that seem to be almost archetypal in their femininity.

Obviously I know the article is intended humorously and to be taken as a ribbing, and the bulk of the article is indeed a well-deserved ribbing. In fact, the fact of it being so well deserved that I feel its flaws need to be pointed out.

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