Sunday, December 28, 2008

All my friends and my old lady

This is my favorite John Denver song. It was even when I was a kid, which is probably odd, since it's, well, a bit worldly.

Watching this Muppets clip, it's interesting that there's only one bit of censorship - it's the line I reference in the title of this post, for those who don't recall (or know) - but leave the fact that he's know his "lady's pleasures" in tact.


Keith said...

Cool clip. I always liked John Denver. Most people I know picked on him back then, but I didn't care. I loved his music.


Those muppets were cool guys.

Karl said...

No matter waht they say John Denver was a good songwriter & a heck of a singer.

Neil Sarver said...

No complaint, obviously, but how did this of all posts draw so much immediate reaction?

Yeah, people pick on him, which is easy because he's most assuredly not cool, but I'm not sure all things ought to be cool. There's plenty of cool out there, and I dig the hell out of a ton of it, but there remains more to the world.


Indeed. And there's a genuine wisdom to that song that's a little surprising considering his age, although I suspect that's more his ability at songwriting than earned wisdom, on some level. But I'm definitely a real fan.

Neil Sarver said...

However, on the subject of cool, as it goes, is there an earlier casual reference to smoking pot in a major song than this one from 1971?

I know there are earlier songs with sly, hidden ones and ones that make a big deal of it.

I could argue "Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down" either way, I suppose.

But "Poems, Prayers & Promises" is so just like he was talking about eating pie or reading a book.

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