Monday, December 29, 2008

Comedy, irony and life

I have mentioned before, although not recently, that I am friends with Emmett Montgomery: Comic Genius. I really do think he's a funny guy.

So, it was Christmas, and I've been neglecting all of my friends of late, as well as any number of other personal concerns, and we were discussing our various personal creative endeavors of late, and he recommended I check out this:

Here's where I fear coming across like a jerk, especially taking this to a public forum, but I'm not sure I get this, and I find myself increasingly distressed over the whole issue.

I don't doubt the talent or effort of the people involved in this.

At all.

Frankly, it's the talent and effort that raises concern for me.

Why, given that talent and effort, would one make this?

I've seen the movies being... referenced here. Some of them are about this bad, and I certainly have no problem with poking some fun at the best of them. People should feel free to have some fun at the expense of everything and everyone.

But this seems to lack a joke. Am I missing it? It obviously smirks at us often enough that it expects us to join it in a good laugh, but why? Is this just the "it's funny because it's familiar" school of comedy? Am I just old and bitter?

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