Monday, December 01, 2008

Dear Rob Zombie

I had a good time at House of 1000 Corpses. I'm not sure I'm willing to call it good, but I saw a potential in it, and I thought that potential started to come to something with The Devil's Rejects. Nothing amazing in any of it, but I felt there was enough improvement to be encouraging.

However, as I noted here, your Halloween was a step backward. Mind you, I got it. It was an opportunity to reach a bigger audience, make more money and make a moneymaking reputation for movie folks. And I even kind of respected the effort of making something other than just a lame remake. And, hey, it gave me a good opportunity to write one of those Movie boobs posts I enjoy so much... and, seriously, having seen the movie, I still have no idea why it's the one special movie for Danielle Harris to pop top, but whatever.

As it goes, with the Werewolf Women of the SS trailer under your belt and Tyrannosaurus Rex on your plate, I was sure you were off in a direction I found interesting, to say the least.

So, I can't say I'm entirely pleased to read Rob Zombie Returning for Halloween 2? by Ryan Rotten.

Again, I understand bigger audience, impressing money men and all of that, and if you're trying to make an old school trashy movie, that may require a lot of impressing, but isn't there any other way. This seems like a step backward from the last step backward. Less and less interesting. Less and less good, too?

It's your career and you may know best, but I can't say I'm getting anything but less excited even about the projects I'd like to be excited about.

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