Friday, December 26, 2008


Reading Netflix reviews of the rather self-important looking comedy Young People Fucking, I came across this sentence by Wingz, "People over 50 may not relate to the sometimes awkward beginnings of an FWB (Friends With Benefits) relationship, but encounters with ex-partners, workplace hookups and the urge for sexual experimentation for relationship renewal are age-old stories that will always exist."

Yeah, ha! Old people didn't ever fuck their friends. You can tell because they never came up with a really ridiculous buzz word for it. The hip young kids with their need to have relationships that can be summed up in pithy three word names, we invented that. Stupid goddamn old people, growing up before the TV and the education system programmed us all to be automatons who divide and carefully label life experiences so they can all be held relatively equal to those of everyone else, they never got any "benefits".


Mob said...

Didn't today's 'old folks' do a shitload of drugs and have wild carefree sex in the 60's and 70's?

Oh, wait, the Gen Y kids created sex. I forgot. Funny stuff.

Neil Sarver said...

That's the way I always heard the story, but I guess we're to assume that none of that wild carefree sex was with people who were "friends".


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