Saturday, December 06, 2008

More inspiration

Bill Cunningham keeps doing this to me, Clean Out The Garage! I'm Going to Make a TV Series!.

That said, I also keep seeing locations all around town that I'd love to grab quick scenes or backgrounds for scenarios a reusable locations for a "digital backlot" kind of thing.

And, yes, I am writing. We'll see what happens after that...


Cunningham said...

Glad to be of service. It is inspiring to think that with the right crew and the right location, one could set up a studio and create some professional entertainment for 1/10th (less?) than what it costs Hollywood to do.

This is especially important in today's economy -- to write great stories that can actually be produced cheaply and marketed effectively. Most of the crap that I see (and it is crap and I see a lot of it) has no opinion, no Point of View whatsoever, and as a result is bland and unworthy of our attention.

Neil Sarver said...

Indeed it is very inspiring. It's inspiring to know and imagine what may be possible for me to do and also what others might also be capable of.

I completely agree regarding Point of View and entertainment value, etc.

I suppose on some level I can be grateful. I think the lack of things that are what I want is a substantial part of what fuels my desire to make it myself.

(I'm, of course, also grateful that the world is also filled with many wonderful, entertaining and inspiring works out there.)

Hopefully I'll pull something together soon, and hopefully it'll have, if nothing else, some personality. The possibilities are exciting.

Neil Sarver said...

And thanks for stopping in.

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