Sunday, December 07, 2008

More strip thoughts

I really never did address the comment section of Candy Girl by SamuraiFrog in Sex, strip clubs and revenge, so busy was I cleverly stitching the whole essay into a nice neat package.

So, messiness...

First, Darius Whiteplume replied, "So the ultimate result for me is that I tend to make strippers pretty happy. I tip everyone who gets on stage. I tend not to tip singles. I tip extra for private dances. Maybe I'm a bit of a schmuck for that, but I try weighing my enjoyment against how horrified I would be grinding on a stranger's cock. Plus, if you tip good, they don't tend to tell you how their rent is due, etc... You've done your part for the cause already."

This gets me to two points.

First, I'm reasonably certain the "horrifying" nature of grinding on a stranger's cock must vary from woman to woman, but I would think in most cases it would be a less extreme "horror" than it would be for a straight guy. Although probably, in general, more "horrifying" than the general lack of "horror" most straight guys would experience grinding on a strange woman's crotch. Those difference between how genders perceive things... again, in general terms.

Also, while its admittedly not a job I've been offered or am likely to be offered, among the reasons I don't seek out or accept work such as that... just slightly below the lack of demand for such a service... is that I think I would dislike doing it.

My other thought is regarding the telling a customer about your rent... Obviously some of this is a reading of people and figuring out what will get them to part with their money, and it's seeming that for Darius, guilt is a major factor all around, so that may be a good reading.

But it goes against the second major thing they sell, illusion.

I mentioned wanting in the last post, and that's important.

But the illusion is also important. People are on some level paying for the illusion that a pretty girl in almost no clothing would sit at their table and flirt and grind against their cock, whether its the illusion it could happen at all or the illusion it would happen without a lot of chatting up.

And, there are those guys who I think only need the illusion that Smörgåsbord of pretty girls would lie in front of them, but those bastards can bite me.

It's a delicate balance to hold that illusion while still understanding the business nature of the relationship, and like all of the delicate balances, it's a bit much to expect from these young women.

Let's face it, using the fake bond as a sales tool is common. Car salesmen, stereo salesmen and real estate agents, etc. use that all the time, "Hey, buddy, I'm telling you, you'll be glad you..."

All of these sales jobs would be ultimately more lucrative and be easier to tell your grandma about, so if one can ride that fine line, they'd likely be doing something like that.

Speaking of which, why aren't there more pretty girl stereo salespeople? Now, I know it's because having a knowledgeable sales staff is a thing of the past in the electronics world, but really. Guys would get stupid, you could play up the sex appeal of having an awesome stereo. It's already something that guys think is more important in a sex appeal way, having a pretty girl confirm it, that's a sale right there, nearly every time.

In fact, topless stereo sales... Well, never mind.

SamuraiFrog also commented, including this, "My friend Carl had the stripping experience ruined for him when he used the john at a club. He saw guy after guy using the toilets and not washing their hands. When he went out and a woman held out her hand to lead him to the lapdance tables, that was it. No more for him."

I often wonder how people like that survive being on the Planet Earth.

I guess the lack of forethought balances out the weird fanaticism.

I mean, somehow until he actually saw something to remind him of the potential. The idea that there was a potential hygiene issue in having a mostly naked stranger who has been dancing intimately with dozens of other strangers had never occurred to him and he still probably isn't imaging all the other places that he's certainly coming in contact with all those same kooky ol' germs.

Is there something important I should be talking about?

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