Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Naked teens

Oh, that'll get me some traffic!

But seriously, the other story linked from Why defend freedom of icky speech? by Neil Gaiman is Teens prosecuted for racy photos by Declan McCullagh. This is not the first story of its type I've seen, and I'm certain it won't be the last.

When I was in high school, an age ago, and in a significantly different time, my girlfriend and I discussed, on a number of occasions, taking naughty pictures. I don't think the notion of pictures of us engaged in unspecified "sexual behavior" was discussed, as I said, it was a significantly different time, but naked was certainly part of it.

Now, I possess no pictures of naked sixteen year old girls nor do I have the desire to acquire any, thank you very much. However, if we had gotten around to taking those pictures, I'd have kept them. I'll go farther than that, if I somehow mysteriously acquired heretofore unknown pictures of my high school girlfriend naked during that time, I'd still keep them.

Mind you, these hypothetical pictures do not, to my best understand, exist, and if they did, I don't believe they'd fall into my hands.

But I'm sure for many people they do, and increasingly so. The fact is, in my case, if digital cameras had existed at that time... I said it was an age ago... this wouldn't be me discussing some vague hypothetical; the notion of having to take film in and have it developed by a person, etc., was the only stumbling block. Frankly, I think it was only stumbling block for me, but that's another issue.

So, how many people out there are guilty of a crime that if named would stain their reputations, but which any reasonable person would, at the least, sympathize with.

The fact is, there's no way in a country where conservative religious factions are given power beyond their numbers (and respect vastly out of proportion to they have any right to and even more greatly beyond what's reciprocated) and in which "underage" sexuality is defined as a time well after sexual development and maturity and fanatically - and irresponsibly - feared without reference to context, that the blunt instrument of law in matters such as this could be altered for any kind of exception at all, no matter how reasonable and understandable.

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