Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sex, strip clubs and revenge

That title is 1000 times cooler than the post I'm writing, and for that I'm sorry.

But it's not often I start with such a cool title, so I'm leaving it.

The post She had the whole show had me thinking about things that are better to hear about, presented in cool form than actually participating in one's own less than cool ordinary life... or at least mine.

"Humping strangers", as I called it, would be on that list. Somewhere along with revenge killings.

Admittedly, revenge killings are a little different in how I view other people doing it.

If you came up to me and said, "Dude! I rented this movie, The Decapitator, it's about this guy whose family gets killed and he goes after the people who did it, and he just cuts people's heads off left and right on his way up to the big boss.", I'd be at the video store before you finished your story.

On the other hand, if you told me, "Dude! I went out and took care of the people who killed my family and started cutting tons of people's heads off...", well, I'd be off to call the police as soon as I snuck away from you.

(I have not seen the actual movie, The Decapitator, but the description doesn't sound nearly that cool.)

Stranger humping... Frankly, I don't think I've had close friends with a lot of interest in humping strangers, or at least talking about it. So, most of my experience hearing about it is from people I'm apathetic toward their stranger humping exploits on a good day... well into TMI department on the rest of them. And I'm not one of those people who lives to complain about TMI.

"I'm running to the restroom."

"Oh, jeez, TMI!"

"Are you five?"

And, no, if someone says they got lucky, I just nod with a general disinterest rather than calling a person on it. I mean, it's your genitals! If I don't know you well, I really can't bring myself to care how they're getting on in life. I suppose people who hump strangers a lot, probably have a significantly different attitude about that.

What does any of this have to do with strip clubs?

Not a whole lot, but I found myself thinking about them after reading Candy Girl by SamuraiFrog... probably more so the comments, although some recollection of the Diablo Cody book tied in there somewhere.

I like the idea of strip clubs a lot. I'm constantly writing them into stories... probably with significant reason that it always offers an opportunity to include random and otherwise superfluous nudity... nowhere near as brilliant as Shadow Warriors having the ninja hideout be a bathhouse, but you do what you can.

A lot of my fascination is because I somehow feel a need to capture the idea and feeling that they'd have in my mind.

They're a place of wanting, of fostering and exploiting want. It's a delicate balance, fostering and exploiting want. If you don't give enough, the want can fade, but if you give it all the want disappears completely. The trouble arises in that people who are good enough at keeping that balance just perfectly, find other more profitable uses for that skill than picking up a couple hundred dollars a night from lap dances.

Of course, that's the same thing that a good revenge flick director is trying to exploit. We should want that bad guy to get his. Even though... or maybe even a little because... we don't think that's the correct response in real life. Recently, both Death Sentence and Red have been interesting for both exploiting the want for revenge and showing the human reasons why it isn't as satisfying in life as it is in the movies.

Perhaps some day I'll feel ready to try that in my depiction of a strip club... Who knows?

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