Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tiffany Shepis

I've seen a bunch of movies I've seen recently, about which I could write and yet it's The Hazing that is standing out. Certainly not as the best movie. It's entertaining, occasionally funny, fast moving, solid performances all around, etc. But it's not exceptional, it's decent... better than decent, fun.

But I've really have to say Tiffany Shepis actually is exceptional.

Not just because she's cute and super sexy, although she is both, and undoubtedly sexy and super cute as well. But there are plenty of people in movies who manage at least one of those. She also has a really strong presence, but I'm not sure I mean to discuss that either. These are all things I've consciously noted in all the previous times I've seen her.

What I was noticing that she's a really, really good actor! She not only comes across completely natural, rare enough in the kind of low-budget horror movies she usually does, but she also rises above the material, which is rare in actors all the way up the ladder.

As a fan of the kind of movies she does, I must say its lucky for us dorks that she hasn't, but I've got to say watching that it was surprising to me that she hasn't jumped in the big leagues... a long time ago really.


Becca said...

I am in love with Tiffany Shepis! She is so gorgeous...though I admit I've never actually seen one of her movies. I just remember collecting her pin-ups in Femme Fatales.

Nice to see a bit of Shepis love out there!

Neil Sarver said...

Well, obviously I'm with you. I only spot three movies I've seen offhand in her filmography, Tromeo & Juliet, Abominable and The Hazing. I'll definitely have to look into more.

She has that magical quality too that when she's in something as just a random person, she looks like she could be a random person... just hotter. Like most people who are hotter than everyone I went to High School with, when I see them in a movie going to High School and being a regular person, I think, "That person is hotter than anyone I went to High School with!", but she somehow looks like she could have gone to High School with me, but just that she'd have been the hottest person there... by far.

(As a side personal note, she'd also be perfect for the lead in The Idea/"Gaunt Land". I've been toying with two images in my head, the original made-up image and another random non-actor face on the street I saw, but I may switch to her as my image for the time being.)

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