Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Shadow feminine

The Female Shadow by Sean Hood.

I was, for a time, considering what would make a man definitively fatally attractive to women, and how that would differ in more complex ways than mere gender. I wrote as one point, "Interestingly, I find myself drawn to the idea that the man needs, in some way, to be more attractive on the surface than women do... In fact, most classic femmes fatale are oddly average when you really look at them, but they ooze sex. And, while I know women are much more likely to accept men who are less attractive, it somehow seems more necessary that the kind of man a woman would see and fall into the trap they know is there, crawl across the web to get to, would need to be kind of obviously tall, dark and handsome."

I'm not uninterested in that idea, but this "female shadow" may likewise be more similar to my current fascination.

I'm always interested in looking at gender reversal from a perspective that realizes that, for the most part, it's more complicated than merely switching body parts.


Whitney said...

All men have to do is be nice. Attractive is a plus, but consideration for others is the most important quality. Hot or not, that's what I (a woman) would prefer. But interesting observations.

Neil Sarver said...

Yes, I understand, in principle at least - practice being somewhat more complicated, of course - what women like in a man.

But, as I was trying to say, I think there's something else to the potential homme fatale (a phrase I used in the original description I quoted from and tried to avoid here) is that they'd be different from the guys that women get into relationships with, but rather the ones that they know from first glance are going to be no good, but they not only go to anyway, but beg to go to anyway... just like the femme fatale, who is not who most guys would say they want or who they even do date, but who they believe with everything that matters that they could be ensnared by, if they were in the same circumstances.

Whitney said...

I see. This is something to consider. A looks-can-kill kind of guy. A man who can "drive [someone] to the point of obsession and exhaustion so that [she] is incapable of making rational decisions." Certainly these men exist. Do you think men and women are equally likely to fall for such appeal? We are all warned to watch for it. "Careful, he/she is gonna your heart!"

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