Monday, January 05, 2009


In the comments to Delinquent Girl Boss: Blossoming Night Dreams (1970) by Tenebrous Kate, I made a - grammatically lost - comment about the women in prison genre, which I rarely make time for.

As I note there, I will be going to Weird Wednesday: Chained Heat w/ Sybil Danning! and frankly there are a couple of traditional American WiPs that I've enjoyed just fine. As I said, however, "I've not found that the delights of the treasures overall make dredging through the sludgepile of other movies that are indeed often just ugly [worthwhile]."

However, the opening point of this are the Japanese Pinky Violence movies, which I don't think, even all of those that involve women and women who are or have been imprisoned, to be the same genre at all. I'll continue dredging through those, because their delights are so, so delightful and even the sludge I've come to within it has been fairly entertaining and interesting.

Of course, posts like Women In Prison! Posters! WOW! by David A. Zuzelo make me remember why I jumped into that original sludgepile in the first place.


Adam Ross said...

I hope "Chained Heat" is better than "Chained Heat 2" (with Briggitt Nielsen), which I tried watching yesterday. One of the few highlights: "I hate junkies, especially the innocent ones."

Neil Sarver said...

I have not, as it happens, seen Chained Heat II. I will say that a scan of her filmography tells me that the only Brigitte Nielsen movie I like is Cobra, and that's not with big, big love or anything. But I can't speak to its specific quality.

I recall finding Chained Heat entertaining as what it is. And I'm sure as a movie to catch with some beers, a game crowd and Sybil Danning, it'll be a good time.

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