Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A world gone mad

I'm certain I'm not the first person to link The Stark, Existential Horror of Tarot #53 by Chris Sims. If no one else, then Victor Gischler did.

I'm sure most people are focusing on "You have to get out of here! Your vagina is haunted!"

And that is an amazing line, for all the reasons stated in the review.

But what makes me laugh is "Hands off you f*cking bitch!"

And the reply, "This more than anything just blows my mind. I mean, what, seriously?! You can’t say 'fuck' in Tarot?! You can have a dead fetish nurse wandering around with a bloody cameltoe, but you can’t say 'fuck?!' I mean, what the hell, man, are you worried that it might offend somebody?!

"I just.. I can’t… What the.."


I run into these things all the time, though. Who are people censoring for? It's madness, I tell you!

The trend seems to have calmed down or maybe I just the way, or just the frequency, I shop for comics, but there was a time when some new silly T&A comic would come out that would have no discernible purpose but to put the female leads in nudie situations, but always with clever placed obstacles to seeing specific nudie parts.

Who is a book like that for? There were, at least for a time, a whole bunch of these. But they always made me wonder who the intended audience was. People who freak out when a T or an A show up unobscured in their T&A book? Do such people really exist? And why? What's wrong with them? Should they possibly be committed?

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