Saturday, February 21, 2009


I don't suppose too many people were distracted from being excited about My Name is Bruce, because its title was too similar to They Call Me Bruce? Was I the only one?

Ok, my Bruce Campbell fandom may have faded slightly over the years, for reasons I'm not entirely sure I understand or want to get into here.

What's important is that I actually really did dig the movie... I think more than I expected. Perhaps lowered expectations were good in this case.

Mind you, I think William Shatner did a better job of committing to the asshole version of himself in Free Enterprise than Bruce Campbell does here. I think some part of him wanted us to all never lose track of the idea that this is a fake Bruce.

Here it must be noted that I always love Ted Raimi (including his very brief part in The Midnight Meat Train, although I doubt I'll mention it when I review that movie), even when he's mugging as a racist stereotype... Oh, who am I kidding? Especially when he's mugging as a racist stereotype!

Overall, there's just something infectious about the overall spirit. Not just the movie but the whole DVD just feels like a good time.

The cast filled with local actors and Bruce-movie-veterans feels very natural and really lend to the infection of positive energy. Especially the unbelievably lovely - and frickin' hot - Grace Thorsen.

So, I don't know, it didn't make my head explode from wonderfulness, but I did genuinely enjoy the whole thing, and what more did I expect?

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