Saturday, February 14, 2009


So, I watched an episode of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century today. I have not seen it since, well, probably 1981, if not actually 1980.

I watched "Planet of the Slave Girls". It guest stars Roddy McDowall, Jack Palance and, yes, Buster Crabbe himself. Now, if you can't pull a Buck Rogers story called "Planet of the Slave Girls" with McDowall, Palance and Crabbe off than why should I bother with more?

Yeah, I won't be bothering with more.

There's a kind of '70s tone that shows like The Love Boat took, as opposed to shows like The Rockford Files. Star Wars, which the show is obviously "inspired" by, is of "The Rockford Files" school. "Buck Rogers..." is from "The Love Boat" school, which is fine for fluffy stories about former a-list and current b-list stars frolicking on a boat, but seems, well, odd, to say the least when confronted with trying to save the earth.

But the only reason I really bring this up is to ask a question. Is there a name for the arbitrary changes that creators make when adapting material? Just the random territorial pissings that change nothing of substance and serve only to annoy fans. "Anthony Rogers? Nah, let's call him William Rogers, because... Who gives a crap? Because fuck Philip Francis Nowlan! That's why! 2419? Yeah, try 2491, bitch! Will that make more sense? Probably not. In fact, if our show were good enough to last a while we'd have to deal with that century change thing and the title... But luckily we're writing crap, so it won't happen, and we can change stuff just to piss all over the place..."


Sleestak said...

I think the term is called 'raping the source material'.

Neil Sarver said...

Probably as good as any.


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