Saturday, February 21, 2009

A couple of other random Friday thoughts

Siskel & Ebert Really Don't Like Friday the 13th by Marty McKee notes, "If anybody knows where to find this, I'd love to know, but reportedly Siskel was so incensed at the original Friday the 13th in 1980, he ripped actress Betsy Palmer a new one and gave out her home phone number, so outraged audience members could disturb her. It's hard to believe that could be true, but if it really happened on 'Sneak Previews' or in his Chicago Tribune review, let me know. That would have been a very gutless call on Siskel's part."

I, too, have heard this story any number of times. I seem to recall that when I first heard it, it was her agent's number. Perhaps my memory is that faulty, but this seems like a story that has grown Urban Legend style, which isn't to say there isn't an essentially true part there, but a moderate Googling of the subjects came up with no reference to it, aside from bloggers referring to it casually as established fact.

The reason the story, as told, seems suspicious, isn't the one prickly movie critic making an extreme judgment in the heat of emotion, but the fact that an editorial or producerial team, as well as their lawyers, would have been as much to blame for letting this happen. And at that time - it seems to not happen as much anymore, but maybe I'm just paying less attention - it was pretty routine to publish official contact information for actors, be it through their representation or a production company they work for.

Also, the new Friday the 13th brings up something for me.

I'm not a pot smoker. I mean, I'm not a "square", so to speak, I'm just not terribly a fan. It mostly just puts me to sleep.

But there's something cool about the way people in '70s and '80s movies just casually pulled out a joint, just like it was a package of beef jerky, "Hey, I just have this in my stuff, anybody want some?" Now, everyone seems like they have to be Cheech and Chong with a fancy-ass bong and subscription to High Times.

I guess it's something to do with Geek Chic, but maybe that's as good a reason as any that Geek Chic should be buried without ceremony frankly.

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