Saturday, March 14, 2009

Childhood inspiration

I wrote some in Speed, my semi-review of Speed Racer, that I'm "excited by the idea that some 10 year old is sitting with a DVD of it and someday will make the next generation of movie, built on the inspiration he took from that experience, and I wonder what that will look like."

Greg Ferrara had responded, in part, with, "It recalls similar movies in which I heard arguments of 'just you wait, ten years from now...' with The Hunger and The Cell and 25 and 8 years later I don't see much happening."

Pondering the 15 Films That Changed My Life, I look to see which ones I have, as an adult, directly written, made, intend to write or aspire to make something that directly resembles any of them. I don't mean to pick on Jonathan here, as his point was well taken and we discussed it further than that.

I was just thinking how that's the kind of inspiration I find most compelling, the things that we just absorb into ourselves. Whatever I write or make or do with my life is all the work of someone who saw Star Wars at the UA 150 at six years old, whether it be a sci-fi adventure, a romantic comedy, a quiet drama or what have you.

That informs some basic part of who I am.

I find that infinitely more fascinating than the fact that someone who is thirty might watch something and start picking it apart for things they can directly snatch.

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