Friday, March 06, 2009

Damn you, Alamo Drafthouse!

I had a good time at the Weird Wednesday screening of The Sinful Dwarf. The movie is weird and entertaining... and may deserve a world record on longest time taken between an actor pulling a sweater over one's head and pulling it over their chest. Long, long, very peculiar pause.

As to the movie, well, if it appeals to you, it's definitely got all you're hoping for. A perfectly mad titular performance by Torben Bille makes it all worthwhile, but Clara Keller as his mother, the white slaver/former Vaudevillian... Well, what can you say?

I also won a copy of Inglorious Bastards, which is totally sweet! All I had to do was be the only person who even tried to note that it's star's name is Bo Svenson. Sheesh!

I've made mention, in Definite articles are for the weak!, of my fear that with the movie approaching, I'd be faced with people referring to the movie Watchmen as "The Watchmen".

Good going, public! You've done well.

So, I must say it is with some horror that I note that the first not of this obnoxious and incorrect titling was the monthly promo for the Alamo Drafthouse! I mean, geek central, home of Fantastic Fest, etc. They are the ones that screw up the title to Watchmen? Really!

Well, I can't tell you where I won't be seeing Watchmen, thank you very much!

In fact, where I won't be going to the movies for the next month.

I mean, I won't be missing The Violent Professionals... even I needed to cover my eyes for a few moments, but hopefully by then they'll move on to the April promo. Please, please...


Lars Nilsen said...

So one guy, a guy you must admit has pretty good trailer-cutting skills, didn't know from Watchmen. Everybody else at the Alamo did and we fixed it right away.

Please come home Neil,

Lars Nilsen
Alamo Drafthouse

Neil Sarver said...

Thanks, I wrote my reply. I can't say how much I appreciate you stopping by and letting me know this.

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