Saturday, March 14, 2009

Further Watchmen thoughts

My first Watchmen "review" never really gelled into a complete review... not that many of posts do, I suppose.

This post is just further things that have popped into my mind and should not be confused with something I even hope will magically turn into a fully formed post.

Interestingly, this movie gives Zack Snyder a perfect record of movies that my opinion changes notably as time and thought passes. This is the first one, however, that has improved.

It's interesting to me that Superman: The Movie works so hard to ground itself in a real discernible reality when the much more famously "real" Watchmen is done, as I said before, like the Batman TV series. I'm not sure whether I think that makes perfect sense or none at all.

Everyone down to some pretty hardcore purists agree that losing the giant squid was necessary for a movie. Reviewing the sequence in the original comics, I'm not sure I understand why. I'm not even necessarily disagreeing, just to say I don't understand the self-evidence that everyone else does.

I may have further thoughts, too...


coffee said...

Watchmen is a visual and psychological cornucopia -- definitely worth watching

Whilunc said...

The Americans seem to be staying away from this british drivel in droves. The comic itself is inapplicable to them and their society. How do you deconstruct something the british could never hope to understand in the first place? lol It would help if they could have given them an introduction to the comic before the movie came out.

Neil Sarver said...

Coffee, I basically agree.

Whilunc, I have almost no idea what you're talking about. I know that Moore and Gibbons are British, but other than that, it's a movie made by a Hollywood studio, an American director, based on a comic book that was published by an American comic book company, that takes place almost entirely in New York City and involves American politics. Are you confusing it with V for Vendetta?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't know why everyone thinks the big squid had to go either, except for practical reasons like screen time and budget constraints. Storywise it made more sense with the squid.

By the way, I agree 95% with what you wrote in your original post. The only thing I disagree with is that I like it slightly more, but the issues you raise are exactly the things I was thinking about after I watched it. In particular, the fact that the whodunnit mystery while central to the plot is in the end inconsequential. It would be hard to pull off in almost any movie, and I think Snyder deserves credit for at least trying. :)

Neil Sarver said...

Yeah, I'm not sold either way on the squid in movie terms... I just think it's not as self-evident as the seeming consensus suggests. Especially since, as you said, it would make more sense storywise.

I agree that a lot of credit should go to Snyder for making a really solid try at the material. As stated in Watchmen (2009) by Marilyn Ferdinand, "Snyder’s weaknesses are that he has little independent wit and no touch for the interpersonal. Scenes that ought to be nuanced and weighty, such as Laurie and Sally’s loaded confrontations, end up cheesy and unconvincing. The finale is somehow sterile. Where it begs for riotous, apocalyptic consummation, never before, ironically, has an act of mass-murder seemed less important."

I think all of that basically covers where my issues lie. If those had been fixed, everything else would be nitpicks.

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