Friday, March 06, 2009

Glory to the Alamo Drafthouse

Ok, I wrote Damn you, Alamo Drafthouse! this morning, and within two hours I got an email and a comment from Weird Wednesday programmer Lars Nilsen noting that it had been fixed. I'm especially pleased to report that the other Alamo Drafthouse staff noted the erroneous Watchmen titling. Sweet!

Two extra notes: First, yes, the trailer cutting guy does have serious trailer cutting skills. I, too, would hire him, despite his lack of Moore/Gibbons knowledge. Second, one must note I have pretty lousy boycotting skills, at least. I mean, I couldn't even manage the whole month of March. Seriously, I think I'd go to a Sergio Martino if it was preceded by an extended aria of people singing about "The Watchmen".

But really, thanks for passing that along, Lars, I appreciate it a lot.

As well as pointing me to the reason I'll have no money in April.

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