Saturday, March 07, 2009

Viva v. Meyer

So, I watched this movie Viva.


Well, I was recommended not to bitch about Netflix reviews anymore: fish, barrels, guns, etc.

But there's nothing - Just nothing! - that bugs me more than people who talk like they know what they're talking about and are just spouting utter bullshit.

Tycerium wrote, "First, Viva primarily tries to satirize and imitate Russ Meyer films, but his films were too tame and artistic to be very fun sexploitation. Second, Viva lacks the best part of Russ Meyer's films, namely the trademark buxom beauties. The actresses in Viva look okay but they are not quite like Tura Satana..."

Viva doesn't resemble a Russ Meyer movie at all.

Ok, there are two noteworthy points of similarity. They both have striking colors and both have some potential to frustrates ones desire to masturbate to them.

At that point, the comparison ends.

Basically it's like writing that the problem with Sin City is that it primarily draws on the Dirty Harry movies. It's not that you can't find some kind of sense in there somewhere, but more often than not, the more you try to wrap your brain around it, the more it sounds like madness.

Id believe that Tycerium Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and maybe Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, but then "too tame and artistic to be very fun"? Really? What might be an example of that? The Immoral Mr. Teas? Nah!

Seriously, I think Tycerium is lying.

Ok, not directly lying. There's nowhere that actually says, "I've totally seen a bunch of Russ Meyer movies and know what I'm talking about!"

But there's a bunch of bullshit there, where we're supposed to assume that from reading it.

Or maybe the review was intended for Pervert!, but then "too tame and artistic to be very fun"? Really?

Who knows?

Oh, how did I feel about Viva? Too tame and artistic to be very fun. It's also kind of witless. That kind of "if we mimic it, it'll be funny" kind of humor that work a little in a sketch, but never holds up for a feature.

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