Saturday, April 04, 2009

Why geek?

With all the words out there, nerd, spaz, dork, etc., how did geek get chosen as the socially acceptable form? I wasn't invited to this meeting, I'll tell you that.


Greg said...

I was at the meeting and it sucked, you didn't miss anything. I always go with nerd myself. I'll say something like, "I'm a total html nerd" or the like. I also like slut as in "I'm a total banner slut" and such. And in an emergency I'm a spazzy nerd slut who occasionally whores for the man.

Neil Sarver said...

I tend toward "dork" myself. I can't say I know why.

But more than I care, I just find it interesting that the one that the "geek" community and the mainstream media use to describe the "new" socially acceptable version of the socially malcontent... or whatever the right thing is... the overly interested in media minutiae.

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