Saturday, April 04, 2009

Writing, gender, love and the like

Referring slightly to my comments in Not Neil, I wrote a tweet that said, Neil thinks he wrote up his chick friendly "Sandman" script while in a relationship and is now writing something else. Truth may be in-between.

(Being a big loser, I followed with, Neil didn't mean that he actually wrote a script about Sandman or for 'Sandman' or called 'Sandman'. He was referring to the sorta Vertigo-style. and Neil also doesn't think women have a hive-mind of taste... Believe him, he really doesn't... but is unlikely to give up the word 'chicks'.)

(Neil also really enjoys the writing about himself in the third person aspect of the tweeting.)

Tom Kessler replied "I could say something very similar.

"Does that make us clichés?"

I replied, "If I wrote the cliché it'd be the guy who writes sappy love songs while he was single and now has a girlfriend who wonders why he doesn't write songs for her. But perhaps that's too obvious...

"... I'd attribute it to Stephen King's Ideal Reader thing, which isn't entirely irrelevant, but I'm pretty sure wasn't what made 'The Hunt' was it was... at least exactly..."

In the end, I can't think I'm sure who my Ideal Reader for "The Hunt" was.

I know the current script doesn't have one. Maybe that's part of what's making it so hard.


Karl said...

Come on Neil!

Sounds interesting!!!

I'm rounding out the 1st act.

I know you'll be nipping at my heels in no time.

Neil Sarver said...


Thanks for the encouragement...

We'll see where I get.

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