Monday, April 20, 2009


I watched Zorro by Duccio Tessari through bad picture and awful sound, because I was quite enjoying it. I enjoyed how freely it deals with the political undertones inherent in the material, starting with the original writings of Johnston McCulley.

Alain Delon is terrifically game in the role... although those eyes...

Look, I know accepting the notion that a thin mask over the top of the face would hide the identity of anyone amongst people who know them is always a matter for suspension of disbelief. However, anyone who could recognize those eyes would have to be... well, blind, I'd guess.

Unfortunately, I also learned that the DVDs are also cut by 30 minutes. That explains the rushed, incomplete feeling of the story. I'd certainly like to see someone release a complete version. Even at all that, it's pretty solid.


David said...

Apparently an uncut version was released in France a few years ago - but unfortunately is out of print now (I've been trying to track a copy).

I know that many of the other Zorros (particularly Tyrone Power) are considered classic, but Delon was Zorro for my generation, and I think it deserves a decent DVD release once again.

Neil Sarver said...

I saw some mention of a French DVD. I'm disappointed to hear it's out of print. I'm not sure I'm excited about enough to seek one out, but I liked the idea that it was out there.

I love all the Zorro's, and I do indeed have a special fondness for Power myself actually, but Delon certainly brought a real charm to the role, and this version certainly had some interesting ideas.

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