Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Comic looks, too

For anyone who is new to my world, or perhaps isn't thinking clearly, I am indeed aware of previous Comic looks captured as live action image, from Batman and Diabolik to Baba Yaga, based on "Valentina" by Guido Crepax, from Creepshow, based on the idea of E.C. Comics, to as recently as Sin City and Punisher: War Zone.

I have no interest in recreating the direct comic moments - the "Wham!" titles of "Batman", the panel effects of Baba Yaga or the shock moments from Creepshow - and at least as much interest in the deliberately - and occasionally deliriously - artificial landscapes in non-comic book based movies such as Tears of the Black Tiger and Sukiyaki Western Django.

Do I know exactly what that means for sure? Nope. It's certainly not, in my mind, like any of these previous efforts entirely, although bits like each of them.

I'm sure these post benefit no one aside from me, so I apologize. They are helpful to my thought process, however... Bit by bit.

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