Monday, May 18, 2009

Writing and media

I've been reading a lot of comics lately. Partly I've had a little more spending money and partly I've been drawing a lot of influence regarding "Gaunt Land" (aka The Idea), which is moving forward, slowly but surely.

Among these is the original Mike Grell run on The Warlord. As I've stated, this was my first favorite comic book series, followed shortly thereafter by The Savage Sword of Conan. I have to say, I had better taste than I had any right to. In fact, the book is clearly better than I had any ability to appreciate.

The Warlord is just a magnificent example of serial storytelling. It does a great job of telling its story in parts, maintaining a strong overarching story, but telling it nice, always interesting chapters that move the story along, or occasionally branch off in interesting, even quirky, ways. And it's reinvigorated me that serial storytelling is the thing I'd most like to explore.

Which is what leads me to the fact that I can't help being re-attracted to the idea of writing a comic, possibly this.

Mind you, I can't say my previous experiences trying to collaborate on a comic book have been exactly successful. I'm also not sure since some of my visual ideas are re-interpreting elements one associates with comic book art... which would seem perfect, but I've got to say, if I did it as a comic first, it could have a little more of a Batman quality than I'm hoping for, y'know, if and when I ever did get a chance to film it.

(I'm hoping for more of a Diabolik quality. I know, it's a fine line. And, yes, there is Diabolik, the original comic, which makes it an oddly inexact example.)

None of that even touches on the fact that I'm not sure I feel terribly satisfied with writing as a path, as I said, Me moviemaker.

All of this sounds like I've built up a great big list of cons, and answered my own question.

And yet the thought remains.

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