Friday, June 26, 2009


I told a story a while back, in What the hell can seeing boobs do to a body anyway? (which was a follow-up, it happens, to What do women see when they see a breast?), about my father standing in front of my brother during The Godfather, during the scene with the exposed breasts of actress Simonetta Stefanelli.

I was reminded of that today when someone complained to me that their daughter had heard "the f word" in a supposedly "clean" version of a song by Eminem. Now, she was wholly outraged at her poor daughter hearing "the f word". I was wholly outraged that she was so stupid as to think the part of Eminem's music she should be concerned about is certain specific vulgarities and her ovaries hadn't been taken out with an ice cream scoop by some kind official body.

Mind you, if I were a parent - and most people are glad I'm not - I'd have no issue with my kids listening to Eminem or watching The Godfather. I think the key is to discuss the larger ideas with them and interpret and consider them together.

We've come, as a society, to very nearly view lazy parenting as a virtue. It's a deplorable state. I detest it with everything I have.

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