Saturday, July 04, 2009


I'm sitting here trying to decide if I want to do something today, at least once I'm done watching the commentary for A History of Violence. I may watch Black Snake Moan. That sounds terrifically American. I also have a craving to watch The Punisher and/or Punisher: War Zone. I'm not sure if I can justify those as Independence Day activities.

I love America. I love being American. I love Americana. More than anything else. In some basic ways, I think more than most of my countrymen, who seem too often to miss the beauty of the history and culture of our lifestyle and artistic expressions.

But it's Independence Day and Thanksgiving, the two most specifically American holidays, that I always want to hide away. Maybe it's that disconnect of history and culture that seems so specifically absent in the way these holidays are celebrated. I like grilled meat and stuff blowing up as much as the next guy, but it seems so rote.

Just as a footnote: Last night I heard six loud pops one right after another and went, "Oh, crazy kids and their fireworks!" Does anyone ever specifically shoot someone the week of the 4th just so everyone will go, "Oh, crazy kids and their fireworks!", offering them extra time to clean up their murder?

UPDATE: Just adding The America I Love by Andrew Sullivan.

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Keith said...

I do hope you had a great holiday weekend.

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