Sunday, December 20, 2009

Interesting question

I've liked none of Guy Ritchie's movies.

Not one.

No, not even Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

And I'd rather be beaten and left for dead than endure Snatch again.

And yet I really do want to see Sherlock Holmes.

I've enjoyed most of James Cameron's career. Although I'm not sure I'm fully a fan of anything after The Terminator and Aliens, but I've generally enjoyed the rest.

And yet I'm utterly apathetic to Avatar.

Yeah, the use of the hypothetical element unobtainium makes me roll my eyes. As I've said, don't much care that it's real, I'd roll my eyes at a movie that made the number googol a major plot point, too.

But maybe I'll roll with it when I eventually see it. Maybe it'll feel fun and classic Marvel Comics like maybe it should.

Frankly, aside from that point, I'm really not one of the detractors either. I just can't find myself with the slightest bit of interest either way.

For a half-billion dollar 3-D movie. What's wrong with me?


Greg said...

I want to see it to either prove it's much better than I think it's going to be or to prove it's as bad as I fear it will be. Either way, I'll see the fucker soon enough one way or the other. And yeah, I've never liked a Guy Ritchie movie either.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a Guy Ritchie movie, but I too want to see Sherlock Holmes, solely because I've always loved the character, and Downey Jr is so bizarre a choice to play him that I have to see how the hell it will work out.

As for "Avatar", I was a skeptic too. I LOVE Aliens and T & T2 (obviously, who doesn't?), but "True Lies" left me completely cold (saw it in the theater, never saw it again after that IIRC), and while "Titanic" was a good movie, it just didn't grab me. And the trailers for Avatar did NOTHING for me - they seemed like little more than video game cut sequences.

But "Avatar" is a masterpiece. It's hard to describe it as anything else, at least. The dialog is trite, the plot points are too obvious... but DAMN, it's a ride like never before. It's the most exciting moviegoing experience I've had in ages. Last time I can remember an experience like this is probably when I saw "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" - since it's generally the most disliked of the Indy movies, take that as you may. :) Or, hell, "Terminator 2", which isn't exactly a marvel of plot and dialog either, I guess.

Basically, "Avatar" is just such a huge leap forward in movie technology that it pulled me in to the world of it like few other movies have ever done. I've only seen two other 3D movies before ("Monsters vs Aliens" and "My Bloody Valentine") and neither of them came close to this experience in terms of how the 3D worked (well, the fact that both movies were pretty crappy didn't help, I guess).

So now that I've set the expectations impossibly high, go see it and be disappointed. But go and see it! :)

Lemmy Caution said...

I'm with you....I just can't get up the interest in Avatar. Mostly the trailer and constant commercials just leave me cold. Giant Smurfs running around on Kong Island. Meh.

Neil Sarver said...

Lucky you said Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, since that's a personal favorite and one I get over-excited by (and occasionally rise to the occasion of being defensive about), because you can count me as not a fan of T2. I like it ok, but it's too self-consciously jokey and schmaltzy...


Sorry. I was overcome there for a moment.

But that did lend some credence to the AVATAR argument. I'm leaning further toward making an effort.

I've gotta say nothing about the advertising is causing me to be interested nor is the hype over the effects.

Honestly, I've hated the lame ass effects in T2 since it came up, annoying the piss out of my geek friends, although I have zero clue how that morphing crap ever looked cool to people. I know it was new at the time! I was twenty...

And it was new-ish, there were some commercials and music videos with less expensive, but similarly ridiculous effects in them... Much like that silly Matrix thing that everybody thought was a kick in the pants.

I'm getting rambly.

Anyway, I appreciate all of the comments. I'm getting toward wanting to see for myself, one way or the other.

Oh, and Greg, really enjoyed, A Brick Wall: Thoughts on the Avatar dialogue.

Everyone else, you should read that.

Bob Turnbull said...

Well, if there is something wrong with you Neil, I'm got a bad case of it too. I feel totally apathetic towards "Avatar". Especially when told I HAVE to see it in 3-D.

Oh, I expect there will be some incredible effects and my head can certainly get turned by some good visuals, but 2 and a half hours of them? With, from what I understand, barely any plot, characters or dialog to help entertain? I'm not saying it sucks, but there just isn't enough to really pull me in.

I'll see it I guess, but it feels like homework I need to get done. And I always put off my homework until the last minute.

Neil Sarver said...

Bob, not trying to ignore you there. Thanks for the comment. In fact, I think you summed up best my resistance by comparing it to homework. It feels like the thing that I, as a movie geek, should do. An obligation to join in and have an opinion and join in the grand and glorious debate.

But then I really don't care.

I don't care if it's the greatest thing since cheese, and I don't care if it's dumb. I'd like to be interested on some level that I'm not.

And somehow the guy who raved up the new possibilities raised by MirrorMask, Sin City, Beowulf, etc., should have some interest in the revolution that people are declaring here. But frankly it keeps sounding, to my ears, like the same revolution only longer.

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