Monday, January 18, 2010

Late night chaos: epilogue

Chris Mason brought up an interesting point in response to my Tonight Show obituary, one that I think also illuminates some of the pure emotion that gets brought out during these Late Night Wars. We call these guys by their first names.

We think of them as their first names.

They are like quasi-friends. They are always there. Sometimes we pay close attention to them and get excited over them. Sometimes we ignore them a little.

In the case of Late Night Hosts, they often play in the background during our most intimate times.

Not just sexually intimate, but as we lay down before we sleep, cuddled up with a partner or even by ourselves, it's a quiet personal time.

I'm not sure it's a healthy psychological position for us, as viewers of corporate owned media, to take, but I think NBC has been foolish throughout this to forget this.

For those of you interested in this subject, I can't recommend these two articles enough: The Late Night Distemper of Our Times by Kliph Nesteroff on the deep history of the Late Night Wars and What Went Wrong by Mark Evanier about the more recent history. Both are entertaining reads and help put a lot of perspective on the issues at hand.

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