Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Custodes extremus

I saw the movie Watchmen by Zack Snyder nearly a year ago. I reviewed it in Custodes as well as Further Watchmen thoughts.

With the movie continuing to grow in bits in pieces in my head over the months, I was enthusiastic to see Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut, which includes many of the elements missing from the original cut, and Tales of the Black Freighter, also missing from The Director's Cut released on DVD last summer. And while I missed "The Director's Cut", in favor of waiting for "The Ultimate Cut", I can't imagine that any version could be better than this one. Frankly, I felt that without "Tales of the Black Freighter" and the newsstand characters, it just didn't feel like Watchmen to me.

Frankly, this does.

Listening to the enthusiasm of original "Watchmen" artist Dave Gibbons on his commentary also helps increase my enthusiasm for the movie as a whole.

Mind you, I'm unconvinced that the movie is, in itself, a great work of art, but it now a solid adaptation of a great work of art. It makes a person consider the same ideas almost as strongly, and brings up new answers and, more importantly, new questions, upon further viewing and consideration. That does, in itself, set it above the pack.


Matt-suzaka said...

I didn't even know that this came out. I own, but have not watched the directors cut, though I heard it was better than the theatrical. Now it looks like I'll be double dipping without even seeing one of the versions!

Neil Sarver said...

Sorry to do that to you, but it really is sweet!

Some contrary part of me wishes I didn't think "Watchmen" was all that, but every time I get in some part of its world, I'm hooked in and contemplating everything about it.

Frankly, I really think the "Tales of the Black Freighter" story is an amazing counterpoint to the main story (stories) and a great device. I also like the vendor and the comic boy as a way to tie things around one another and as a way to show "common folk" within that world.

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