Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Victor Gischler, punishment and moviemaking

I'm excited about The Free Film Option Contest by Victor Gischler.

Gun Monkeys and Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse are both terrific reads.

I also found The Punisher: Welcome to the Bayou by Gischler with pencils by Goran Parlov to be custom made to my tastes for violence, bayou intrigue and good time action. As Garth Ennis writes in his cover blurb, "More of this sort of thing, please."

Am I excited by this offer as an aspiring moviemaker? I'm not sure. I'll toy with the idea and see if I can plan a proposal that I find worthwhile by the June 1, 2010 deadline.

I am excited by the possibility as Gischler, his style and a movie dork who would find more movies like his stories to be right up my alley.

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