Saturday, March 06, 2010

3-D news

I was turned on to Steve Wang's Drive by Marty McKee of Johnny LaRue's Crane Shot, his review can be found on this page. He also passed along this news, Mark Dacascos Returns to Martial Arts Action in Song of the Knife by Al Young. Drive is a terrific action movie and one that doesn't get remembered nearly often enough.

Now, like most people who follow these things - although with less purposefulness than I once did - I've come to grow weary of the growing roster of movies being shot in 3-D for no reason other than the hype, but Wang, Dacascos and stunt coordinator Koichi Sakamoto reuniting for a 3-D martial arts movie. That gives me reason to hope. That I see the reason for.

The other 3-D news that catches my eye is Green Lantern Will Receive 3-D Release by Rick Marshall.

I remain cautious about the Green Lantern movie. I want it to be good, and a cool Green Lantern movie would be really cool, but then it would be easy to fuck up and fuck up really big time. Director Martin Campbell has such an up-and-down career, it could go either way.

But the really cool one would definitely be even cooler in 3-D.

So, these two give me hope that the 3-D trend will deliver at least a couple of things that can keep me a little excited about 3-D, which I've always loved so much.

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