Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I've got to admit I'm pretty geeked up over that Tron Legacy trailer. If you have seen it, it should be at Tron Legacy Movie Trailer by Russ Fischer.

Now, Tron came out when I was eleven and I have a bit of a boy crush on Bruce Boxleitner, so I'm hard wired to like everything about this trailer.

Seriously, the trailer looks like Tron's The Empire Strikes Back to me.

It looks like the effects are true to what the audience wants, which is the look of the original, while definitely making the effort to make minor but significant improvement and modernizations. It does involve this young kid, who is probably the star, to bring in the younger audience, but knows that us old folks want to see Boxleitner and Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges.

Look, please don't explain that Tron's not that good and is even maybe a little boring. I basically know that, but I still don't understand exactly. Again, it's hardwired, so it's not worth getting into a discussion. But I understand well enough to know a sequel for the much older Neil will have to be even better than the original actually was. Luckily, I really do think there's enough good material and interesting ideas that it's not unrealistic to imagine that it could live up to that.

Let's see.


Moviezzz said...
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Neil Sarver said...

Yeah, if the movie fails to live up to it then, well, I hope the guy in charge of that trailer gets a big raise from his bosses... and maybe gets put in charge of an actual movie instead.

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