Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I'm not sure if DC Universe Animated is becoming more dull-witted or it's just the place I'm in, but I'm becoming less and less interested in their projects.

Crisis on Two Earths is a good example. As I understand, the plot itself was developed for the transition to Justice League Unlimited from the earlier, simpler Justice League series. Frankly, it still feels like that kind of story, less a story of its own, and more of a transitional story, and, again, it feels largely

From what I've seen Dwayne McDuffie is a talented writer, although I admit my experience with his work is sadly limited, and I think gives an interesting take on the basic idea within the framework of an 80-minute movie. But aside from finding it a mildly entertaining diversion, I just didn't find myself drawn in and can't bring myself as anything but tepid praise here.

Their next movie is Batman: Under the Hood, which does look interesting, however it's also written by the hated Judd Winick, so I probably won't rush to see it. I can't say that even if it weren't for Winick's involvement that I'd be overly excited.

I know Bruce Timm says that Warner keeps them staying with reasonably safe DC characters for these projects, but I can't help they haven't run into a certain stagnation with them. Obviously these characters have decades of history and there are always new and interesting stories.

However, I think that attitude of safety pervades, which is undoubtedly safe. I'm sure it's a cash machine.

But I can't help thinking that part of what made things like the original "Justice League" series and Batman: The Animated Series is how fresh and challenging they seemed in their handling of the characters. It was those qualities that made them phenomena.

Despite some surface changes, such as recasting the voice actors and making various changes to the character designs, all of these have a certain sameness. It's the same as something I once enjoyed greatly, so I'll keep watching, but I'd like to see them go somewhere that excited me as much as their earlier work did.

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