Thursday, May 06, 2010


I'm not really a fan of James Cameron. It took the whole Avatar phenomenon and my apathy toward it for me to realize it.

I'm sure I've split my readership between people who do like him and are plotting their attack on me or their defense of Cameron, depending on their temperament and those that don't like him and wonder why I'm bothering to make such an obvious statement so late in the game.

The trouble is, I don't feel comfortable in either camp.

The fact is, even after realizing I'm not a fan, I kind of like the guy.

I know, it's the opposite of the law of geekdom, but it's where I am.

I love The Terminator and Aliens. I'm all around mixed on Piranha II: The Spawning, Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Titanic. And the rest can go fuck itself, for all I care.

It seems like a more interesting record than it is, because my mixed feelings aren't very interesting or complicated mixed feelings.

So, why do I like him?

Why shouldn't I?

Yes, I know there are a ton of reasons people think they don't like him, including - weirdly enough - many of his fans. But they all seem dumb to me.

The "I'm the king of the world!" Oscar moment?

Yeah, I never got why that was bad.

Quoting a line from his own movie in which the protagonist that he made up and presumably felt some kinship to felt unbelievably great to express how unbelievably great he felt?

If I had any imagining that my life would ever have such a moment, that's exactly the kind of really geeky thing I'd do.

As a complaint, that utterly fails for me. But maybe I'm just a great big douchebag, too. I don't know.

The other popular one is that he's an arrogant bastard. And I don't disagree. I just don't care.

I firmly believe all of those guys who make movies at that level are arrogant bastards. I think you have to be in order to walk up to someone and say, "I think you should give me $100,000,000 (and more) to make a movie."

The guys who do that and aren't seen as arrogant bastards just have better public relations.

The other is that he's not a very good writer and may not be so hot as a director either. Certainly the former is pretty valid in my opinion and the latter is arguable.

As it happens, there are many people among my friends and family that would also not be so good at those jobs, I simply lack the evidence to be sure of it. I could complain that Cameron "inflicts" his poor work on the world, but then it seems to cause more pleasure than harm in the world overall, so why should I care?

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