Monday, May 10, 2010

Cap in 3-D

Discuss: Are You More Likely to See Captain America If It’s In 3D? by Cole Abaius.

I find it weird that anyone who might theoretically support some movies being in 3-D not getting behind any Jack Kirby creation, or co-creation, as in this case, being shot in 3-D. His art begs for 3-D treatment.

And, as I've discussed previously, the arguments against shooting in 3-D, aside from practical and budgetary concerns, are minimal at this point. If you don't like 3-D, can't see it, can't appreciate, are nauseated by it, don't feel like paying extra for it, etc., then there will be screens showing it in 2-D. That's the beauty of How It Works Now.

Done correctly, any adaptation would already feel like Master of the Flying Guillotine or Krull, which throw things forward toward the camera very much like a 3-D movie, even if it was shot in 3-D. As such, your experience with the good version of the movie shot in 2-D and the good version of the movie shot in 3-D and screened in 2-D should be about the same.

I suspect Joe Johnston and Marvel Studios are thinking this, too. Or, at least, I imagine and hope they are.

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