Thursday, May 06, 2010


Ok, this short movie, Street Fighter Legacy, has a lot of geeks wetting themselves.

And as a short movie made with what I'll assume are limited resources, it's pretty solid. Some of the things it does are interesting.

For me, it reminded me of some of the things I'd like to try with fight choreography. Some of it was things that were done here and others that weren't, but I imagined more vividly with this how my ideas would work.

But I didn't wet myself.

Frankly, it must have been too long since the wet pants geeks have seen a Chang Cheh or Lau Kar-leung movie, assuming they ever have. This is only mind-bendingly impressive when compared to the weak tea of uninvolving action sequence that Hollywood has been handing out in recent years.

It does do my action movie geek heart some good that this is impressing the kids more than the Hollywood equivalent, though. Maybe there is hope in the world.

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