Sunday, May 23, 2010

Steal this movie

I read Piracy... Again by Joe Konrath. He suggested this video. I do, as well. Fascinating stuff.

This is a complicated issue for me personally, as both a consumer and creator of intellectual property, and I might write more on it some time.

But the fact that so much of this issue isn't about money or morality but perceived power - And if you doubt this, look at the effort that movie studios go to in order to the posting and distribution of trailers! Advertisements for their products, for fuck's sake! - makes it difficult for me to side with the producers of mass media.

Like a lot of people, I find it difficult to feel bad that harm is coming to huge, obviously greedy corporations that have no interest in my well-being.

I think a big, big change is coming. Slowly, by some standards, but very fast in historical terms. I'm not as convinced as others are that I'll like the new way any better than I liked the old way, but I can't say I'm disappointed that the old way is crumbling.

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