Thursday, June 24, 2010

Books, movies and writing

I haven't been able to inspire myself to watch many movies. Or write screenplays.

I'm not sure what's going on.

I've been reading more and listening to audiobooks, which is, one supposes, "classier" and maybe even better for my li'l ol' brain.

And I've been working on my prose writing. Not on purpose exactly. Just things connecting in my brain that way.

I've been wondering which came first, but I can't tell.

Mind you, there's plenty of evidence that I haven't been watching classy stuff when I do. You can read my last few reviews, and see I'm in a pretty lowbrow state of movie watching and worse is lined up in my queue.

I guess I'll enjoy it all while it lasts.

I'm working on the story or book or whatever it turns out to be.

Part of me wouldn't mind going back to looking at writing a comic, but not enough to look for a collaborator. At least not yet.

I had another idea for another prose project, inspired by an old issue of Video Watchdog I was looking through. I'm not quite feeling strong enough at my writing at this moment to tackle that one, but I'm keeping it on the back burner.

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