Monday, June 14, 2010

Bridge of dragons

A Bridge of Dragons is my favorite Isaac Florentine movie I've seen so far.

That may not mean a lot to everyone out there. Florentine is only beginning to creep up out of the depths of cult fandom. His movie Ninja got a fair amount of buzz outside the circles in which movies like U.S. Seals 2 have been getting buzzed about.

Most of you probably had no idea that such a beast as U.S. Seals 2 existed, even less that a world existed in which people buzz about it, but it's true. And rightly so. Not because it's a great movie exactly. The script is by the numbers, to say the least and none of its characters are especially engaging. And yet the action sequences are absolutely fantastic and plentiful.

Bridge of Dragons is probably not better on any definable level. It's got an equally rote script about Dolph Lundgren in a "world where past and present meet". I think we're supposed to take it as Post-Apocalypse, but that's certainly never stated directly. He's a soldier who falls in love with a a princess, Valerie Chow, and revolt against his general, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, but as I suggested, telling the story doesn't help much. Frankly, it's all kind of ridiculous, but hardly any kind of sublime kind of ridiculous, it's just a very simple action movie.

So simple, in fact, that it contains neither bridges nor dragons, if one or the other appeals or repels you from curiosity. I just watched it, but I honestly missed what the title is intended to represent.

But the point is to see the action, and, man, oh, man, it rarely gets better than this. I'm not sure if it even gets this good with American made movies ever! This is crisp, clear, energetic and athletic action like I'm used to in Hong Kong movies, but feels truly shocking in an American production, even a low-budget movie like this.

I was only somewhat excited by Ninja, but I suspect it does show a growing competence with non-action areas of moviemaking, so I'm looking forward to seeing more. I have Cold Harvest planned next, to fill out the Post-Apocalypse mood, then I'll catch Undisputed II: Last Man Standing before finishing off with Undisputed III: Redemption.

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